Helping organisations to connect effectively with multicultural communities across the UK, with the mission to improve lives and reduce inequalities.

Who We Are

We are Multicultural Marketing Consultancy (MMC), an award winning agency and recognised pioneer in multicultural communications.

We help organisations connect effectively with multicultural communities. Our objective is to integrate multicultural insights into the things that matter – health, wealth, education and the planet.

Our work is expansive, with purpose and social impact woven throughout everything we do.

From Covid-19, Violence Against Women and Girls to NHS workforce recruitment, we work on some of the more pressing issues facing society, often sensitive and complex, and layered with cultural nuances.

Our campaigns have a significant effect on the lives of people in our communities, who in some instances, are already disproportionately affected by the issues at hand. Therefore, we need to fully understand the myriad of reasons for this disparity, ahead of delivering effective campaigns.

Based on the impact we have seen our work deliver, we know communications can play a key role in levelling up outcomes for ethnic minorities in the UK.

Who we've worked with

Campaign Strategy, Development & Delivery

From advice and consultancy to campaign delivery, MMC offers a range of marketing services across paid, earned and owned channels, both at a national and local level to help address specific issues amongst rapidly changing demographics. We specialise in:

  • Strategic counsel

  • Community engagement

  • Creative consultancy

  • Insight research

  • Community advocacy

  • Immersion workshops

  • Influencer marketing

  • Grassroot activation

  • Media relations

  • Content creation

  • Partner activations

  • Events planning

Case studies

Our Projects

Protecting lives during the pandemic

To reduce the spread of Covid-19, we worked with multicultural communities to encourage the adoption of protective measures.

Open University Access for All

We worked with the OU to define a strategy to increase the proportion of new Black and Asian undergraduate students.

Eat and move your way to better health

As part of the Better Health campaign, we helped to encourage better eating habits and more active lifestyles amongst multicultural communities.

Celebrating Adoption in the Black community

As part of the #YouCanAdopt nationwide campaign, we helped to increase the number of potential Black adopters registering their interest in adoption.

Righting the wrongs of the past

We conducted an independent review of the communication and engagement programme for the government's Windrush schemes.

Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)

As part of the ‘Enough’ campaign, we raised awareness among multicultural communities on how they can help to tackle VAWG behaviours.


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“MMC are absolute experts in their field and a great partner agency to work with. We always look to engage them for briefs which require any level of cultural understanding or engagement – they are professional, friendly and focused on the end goal.”

Julia Bainbridge
Founder of Freuds+ and Partner of Freuds

“MMC took a diligent approach to understanding the barriers to adoption in the Black community. They worked with the community in delivering an effective campaign, and the increase in Black adopters we see today is a testament to their vast expertise in multicultural communications.”

Jenny Caldwell
Head of Marketing & Communications Strategy, National Adoption Recruitment Steering Group

“MMC have provided invaluable insight into multicultural communities in Wales, helping us shape our strategic and creative approach and ultimately, build stronger relationships. They’re experts in their field and have been a great partner to work with.”

Jemma Gabb
Head of Earned Media Golley Slater

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