Campaign Strategy, Development & Delivery

From advice and consultancy to campaign delivery, MMC offers a range of marketing services across paid, earned and owned channels, both at a national and local level to help address specific issues amongst rapidly changing demographics. We specialise in:

  • Strategic counsel and independent review

    Using our audience insight and experience to inform strategy development and conducting independent reviews of communication and engagement plans.

  • Community and stakeholder engagement

    Working collaboratively with stakeholders and the communities we serve to deliver impactful communication solutions.

  • Creative consultancy

    Providing cultural guidance on messaging, style and tone, as well as sense-checking creative assets to avoid unintentional offence, or even worse, perpetuate racism.

  • Audience insight research

    Working with our sister agency Cultural Intelligence Hub to deliver qualitative, quantitative and ethnographic insight research.

  • Advocacy via community voices and organisations

    Onboarding and partnering with trusted community voices and organisations to dial up the relevancy of our communications, empowering them to advocate and speak to issues pertaining to our campaigns.

  • Immersion workshops

    Delivering bespoke interactive sessions to uncover and delve deeper into effective communications with multicultural communities in the UK.

  • Influencer marketing

    Working with social influencers and groups to amplify campaign messages in a credible way.

  • Hyper local and grassroot activation

    Using local touchpoints, peer-to-peer activity and multilingual ambassadors to take messages to the heart of the community.

  • Media relations

    Creating and amplifying compelling stories that drive media coverage.

  • Content creation and dissemination

    Creating culturally relevant video, digital and print assets that can be disseminated through high reaching targeted channels.

  • Bespoke partner activations

    Co-creation and partnerships with brands, media and organisations to deliver bespoke communication solutions.

  • Events planning and promotion

    Curating and delivering in-person and online events for and with our communities.

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